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Linda S. Altshuler divides her time painting between Asheville, NC and sunny South Florida. She began her flower series 18 years ago when she first spent a summer in North Carolina. Drawn to the beauty of the landscape, the colors and the peacefulness, she painted her experiences. “I’m so inspired there,” says Altshuler. “Quiet, beautiful, I produce my best work in North Carolina.”

Her inspiration is not limited to flowers & still lifes but expands to a gorgeous bird collection. Each painting tells a story about the featured bird with a one word description - Bird Wisdom as Linda refers to them. Linda placed a bird feeder in her yard and the birds began arriving.

“The more the birds came, the more I wanted to paint them,” says Altshuler. Perhaps it’s not just the paintings but the meaning behind each one that lends to how special they are. One of the first birds to arrive was the Yellow Grosbeak, bold in color, “You can’t miss them“ says Altshuler.  

And thus, began her Inspiration for her bird collection. Next was the Carolina Song Bird which always comes in pairs.  “Where you find one, you will find another. They sing seven songs, bringing Harmony to the painting.”

The Blue Bird of Happiness lends to nurturing and Linda paints this bird with a nest of eggs to illustrate the meaning of family. Hummingbirds are well known favorite in the bird world, and as Linda describes, “they are like little fairies, so magical, which is why the word Imagination is for them.”

Watching the Titmouse burrow his way into the feeder aggressively and push the other birds out of the way due to his impatience, Linda feels it teaches us that we need to have Patience with one another.  The Chickadees are about Connection as they always arrive together.  

Cardinals remind us of Balance in our life as the male and female are always close by to each other and come to feed together.  The birds have given Linda a beautiful canvas to fill with bold color, wisdom and life lessons that correspond with her regular yoga practice.   

Linda's last 18 summers have taken her to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She has exhibited her work in Cashiers, Hendersonville and now Asheville, North Carolina! The past five years she has participated in the "Hard Lox" Jewish Food & Heritage Festival, now in downtown Pack Square in Asheville. www.hardloxjewishfestival.org

Linda moved to South Florida in 1977 and has taught art for over 35 years in the public and private sector. Linda's commercial work includes design and advertising for Mr. Pottery and Florida Power & Light. Linda's many years as a graphic artist have given her experience producing art in a variety of styles. 

She currently heads the art program at the David Posnack JCC in Davie, Florida teaching high school & adult art classes in drawing, watercolor & acrylic painting and collage mixed media.